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The Coffee Experience

Updated: Apr 5

Why do we call it all a coffee experience? Because good coffee, good friends, and a great location creates more than just a need for coffee, it sets the stage for a coffee experience. In our constant search for a great cup of coffee, we often times are left wanting. Let's find that place where we can feel at home, a place that makes us want to come back for more. A lot of our friends ask us? What kind of coffee do you like? Short answer: Good Coffee! Easier said then done. Before the creation of Brass Bullet Coffee Company I was an avid Starbucks drinker. I liked their craft coffee drinks: Caramel Macchiato, Latte, Mocha, Frappucino- all of these were fine BUT their coffee left me wanting. Sure, the atmosphere of most Starbucks coffee shops are okay, but they are busy and at peak times loud. Not the best place to host a conversation or try to concentrate on work.

Sitting on our neighbors porch one evening, we came up with a cafe concept. While we still all laugh about the "Coffee and Creamatorium" which involved us buying the historic Stafford County crematorium on the corner of Route 1 and Courthouse Road, and turning it into a bustling meeting place of coffee, people and humor; a notion that is to be continued it included drink options like, "Raise the Dead" espresso and

"Wake the Bones" breakfast blend. Before the thought of owning our own roastery or even drinking Ricks Roasters coffee was born, the funny concept is what is propelling Ricks Roasters Coffee Company into the future of a local cafe ownership. Now, we have to create that perfect coffee experience that combines our premium coffee with an atmosphere that will have our customers coming back for more. How do we do that?

Our experiences from other places is a great start. With every ingenious idea, we take bits and pieces of our own positive experiences and combine them together to create what we

hope will be an experience of perfection. So, one of the best coffee experiences I ever had was a small cafe in the heart of Manhattan, Kansas. It was a small micro roastery called Radinas. (to give credit where credit is due, click the link to get a look at my favorite little spot). What made Radinas different from any other coffee shop? It is a small, eclectic coffee shop that celebrates high quality coffee and a feeling of belonging. You can walk into their shop any given time to find business men and women with their laptops out, college students studying, and a group of moms with their friends chatting. What became a weekly outing turned into an almost daily stop in my day. Soon the Starbucks around the corner became a memory, Starbucks who? And there was born my love for a great cup of Joe. To this day, I have not found a place that compares. This, quite possibly, is a memory I may never be able to recreate and that's okay.

Food should be fresh and bursting with flavor. The concept of simplicity is what seems to drive me; farm to table and buy local. Local businesses supporting other local businesses is the very foundation of creating a sense of community. A cafe menu should be small and well executed. What I expect when I walk into any cafe is that the food is overflowing with color. Our trip to the Parisian cafes is the quint essential example of a cafe bursting with vivid colors and the smell of strong coffee, a sensory fiesta. Realistically speaking, I know it is next to impossible to revivify the bustling streets of Paris with the smell of fresh croissants and coffee wafting in the air but the European city has the right idea; a sense of community centered around coffee and pastries. Frankly, going back to a time when I could waste the day away sitting in a chair, watching tourists and sipping what the French refer to as an Americano, is something I could do every day. Walking into Paul Denfert Rochereau located on the Paris streets next to the Catacombs was an experience. A patisserie founded in 1889, the counters were lush with fresh pastries and the best eclair I have ever tasted! As an American, it didn't take the cafe workers long to figure out what I wanted- their coffee watered down, an eclair, and a package of macaroons.

Our American cafe's can learn so much from these standards. While Paris is a global destination, I hope that when we open our first, real Rick's Roasters Coffee Company cafe that it also becomes a local destination that creates memories that will last a lifetime. That we can be remembered for the coffee experience that changes the way you see a cafes.



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