Ricks Roasters is PCSing!!!

PCS? "Permanent Change of Station", or military lingo for packing up and moving.


Yes, moving...

Early days at our current location

In the six years since Sean and Keely built Ricks Roasters from a small business in their basement to moving to our current location things have changed quite a bit. Obviously, one of the biggest changes was the passing of the mantle of leadership from the Ricks family to the Brass Bullet team, and we've always known that we've had some really big shoes to fill.

As all business owners do, we make decisions that we hope will benefit our customers and our company. Some of them have been really good decisions and some of them haven't been so good. It happens, and we learn, and we grow!

My, what a big roaster you have my dear...

Winter into Spring

As happens with many business after Christmas, sales slowed for us and the market season couldn't come fast enough. We had a few trade shows lined up, we were heading to a food festival in Richmond, a major grocery chain decided to carry us on their shelves, and we were working on planning out a new cafe. Unfortunately, the cafe conversation fell apart, and the trade shows and food festivals got cancelled due to bat-plague. But... the grocery store chain, despite delaying an order due to COVID19, is still ready to carry our coffee!

Eventually, we'll get through the winter, and we'll get through the virus. As long as Cthulu doesn't make headlines in May, we can still make the rest of this year a good one.

Where are we moving? And why now?

Well... We're moving just a few doors down to a larger space. This means that as we finish up our deals with two grocery chains this year, and another exciting project that we have in the works, we'll need the extra space for coffee and packaging equipment. And frankly, Sean and Keely outgrew that space a year before BBCC was ever in the picture.

So, while things are slower (and unfortunately, they are ), we actually have an opportunity to begin the process of moving this month and not disturb our operations too much. There's probably never a good time to move, but this is as good a time as any.

Besides! This makes for good blogging material!



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