It’s 2017, and as always, with the start of a New Year, people look to start anew in their personal and professional lives. That could mean a change in eating, starting an exercise plan, or cutting something out, such as alcohol. Those are some of the more common things people look to change with the dawn of a New Year. Did you ever think about changing the beverage that you drink?

Of course, in our case, we are talking about coffee. Most of you reading this are probably Ricks Roasters drinkers already, so there is no need to change your coffee brand of choice. But, what about changing your single origin coffee or coffee blend? Perhaps you can try a different roast profile?

Beyond the Ricks Roasters drinkers, what about the coffee aficionados who have stumbled onto this blog post and have not yet discovered the deliciousness of our coffees? What can we do to convince you to change your coffee brand to Ricks Roasters?

To make it easier, to make the switch, we have developed an online special in honor of the New Year’s tradition of changing things up.

You see, we have two really great products that are available online only. They are our Dark Roast Sampler Pack and our Medium Roast Sampler Pack.

In each of these packs, we choose six different coffees to send you with the roast profile that you select. They come in our unique 10-cup single-pot size of 1.5 oz. of ground coffee. This will give you an opportunity to enjoy all the fine taste profiles of the world’s best coffees. Of course, we will choose a wide sampling of coffees from all over the coffee belt for you to try, and we even have some flavored coffees we can throw in there if you so desire.

There are two advantages to purchasing either or both of these sampler packs:

You get to decide which coffee is your absolute favorite before you start buying it by the pound.
Remember that online special I mentioned earlier? Well, for the month of January only, if you enter coupon code SAMPLER upon checkout, you will get 10% off any sampler pack ordered!
Although these sampler size coffees are only available in ground, our 1/2 pound and 1 pound sizes are available in both whole bean and ground. To all you coffee lovers who grind your own beans, don’t fret! Once you choose your favorite and you want to stock your pantry with our coffee, whole bean will be an option!

So, go to our website today to place an order, and don’t forget to use coupon code SAMPLER to take advantage of the 10% savings on these packs. It’s a New Year; be a New You, and drink some New Coffee!