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About Ricks Roasters

Fresh roasted, quality coffee!

Fresh Roasted Coffee

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Fresh roasted coffee, Accessories and Treats


Honduran Estate Coffee

Finca Del Cerro- a rare single farm coffee.  Very smooth and low acid.  Medium roasted with sweet notes of caramel and berries.  


Pumpkin Pi

Our exceptional Colombian coffee with a flavorful blend that inspires the majesty of autumn: pumpkin spice, caramel and pecan.


Dark Continent

A blend of Burundi and Rwanda, this coffee is roasted to a Full City roast (darker side of medium). It highlights the very earthy flavors associated with the Burundi while maintaining the brightness in the cup brought by the Rwanda. Presents darker roasted than its roast level.


Moka Java

Rich berries from Africa and dark, earthiness from Indonesia make Moka Java a wonderful rich and bold coffee!


Dark Roast Sampler Pack

Enjoy all of the erthy bodiness of the world’s best coffees.  We will select six of these dark roasted treasures for you.  All coffees come in a single 10 cup size package.  The only flavored coffee we currently offer our bold customers is bacon flavor.  Please indicate in the notes if you’d like “When PigsRead more about Dark Roast Sampler Pack[…]


Medium Roast Sampler Pack

A six pack sampler of our popular medium roasted offerings.  We’ll choose a wide range for you so you can decide which Ricks Roasters Coffee you like before you buy a full pound.  Each coffee comes in an individual 10 cup package.  Please indicate if you don’t care for flavored coffees (such as French Vanilla,Read more about Medium Roast Sampler Pack[…]


Sumatra Mandheling (FTO)

Hailing from Indonesian island of Sumatra, Mandheling Fair Trade Organic beans are considered among the regions finest. A staple of coffee shops across the country, Sumatra is famously smooth and rich with an earthy and chocolatey flavor. Ideal as a dessert coffee or for those who avoid high-acid coffees. Sumatran coffee can be roasted toRead more about Sumatra Mandheling (FTO)[…]


When Pigs Fly

An earthy, dark roasted coffee infused with maple, bacon, and a little more bacon just in case.  We said we’d make this coffee “when pigs fly.” Well, here they are! Folks say when they do the hot buttered coffee thing It tastes like the entire breakfast in a  cup:   pancakes and syrup, bacon and coffee!


Winter Wonderland

Our exceptional Colombian coffee with a flavorful blend of chocolate raspberry and cinnamon.

What Our Friends Say About Us

Loyal to a fault? Maybe, but we think we have the best coffee around...

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